Our New Website.

Hi there!

Over the past week and a bit I have been in damage control mode trying to redesign our website and move it across to Squarespace from Wordpress. Although I loved our original design, unfortunately I am not overly experienced with website technical stuff and I was unable to manage it effectively. As a result I was constantly receiving spam emails/comments on my website that was difficult to keep on top of & lead to the decision to change.

I had been working on doing this change for a while and never intended it to be as rushed as it has been. Unfortunately I received an email from my web host, GoDaddy informing me that my email was apparently sending hundreds of unsolicited spam emails to complete strangers. I had no idea this was happening and realised that the issues I was having with Wordpress was also effecting my emails. 

Thankfully I was able to pull everything in the nick of time so that I wasn't booted out of GoDaddy & i've been working tirelessly to get everything back up and running. This however means that our old email address (info@kelseakphotography.com.au) had to be deleted so it wasn't sending spam emails anymore & as a result i've had to set up a new email address (hello@kelseak.com). 

I am terribly sorry if this has caused an inconvenience for anyone. It has very much caused an inconvenience for me and I hope I am able to contact all my clients personally over the next few days to inform everyone of what has happening. I am incredibly thankful that no sensitive information was ever communicated through emails & therefore never obtained by another source. Although, even in my very limited understanding of website/internet stuff, I don't believe that would have ever happened anyway. 

At the moment the website looks a little bare, but I appreciate your understanding during this time. Hopefully soon I will have all of our blog posts up on this new page so we have some content!

Much love, 
Kelsea Midson xx
www.kelseak.com  |  hello@kelseak.com

{ Steph & Tom } Engagement Session.

{ Steph & Tom } Engagement Session.